Who is DataInsighter

Headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus, with offices in Houston, Texas and Redmond, Washington, USA, DataInsighter is a group of world-class engineers and data scientists with decades of industry experience. Focusing on the three cutting-edge areas of Cloud, Mobile and Internet of Things, we create unique end-to-end solutions that combine these components with rich Analytics to empower organisations through data. Our history as a company is grounded in industrial-strength software development, systems architecture and data analysis in and out of the cloud, including Microsoft’s core Analytics and Business Intelligence team and Microsoft’s Windows Data Science group. With extensive knowledge in developing scalable, high-performance web services, building applications that run on multiple platforms including Windows, iOS and Android, integrating existing and new systems, and providing data analytics, visualizations, statistical modeling and machine learning on top of all components, we have a passion for building systems, understanding data and unlocking insights that can make a difference whenever and wherever they are needed.

What We Do

DataInsighter provides both consulting and development services for any organization looking to take their data and systems to the next level. As a group of world-class engineers, we know how to build cutting-edge, industrial-strength software systems. Using agile development methodologies, we apply our years of experience to take requirements and then satisfy them in the most efficient way possible. Specializing in, but not limited to, Microsoft’s powerful suite of technologies and services, we know how to deal with challenging constraints and tailor our approach to each problem. Building brand new systems or integrating with legacy assets, we find the best balance of cutting-edge technologies and minimal rework to get organizations where they want to be as quickly as possible. At every step of the way, we focus on building a view into the data being produced and consumed by the system, looking for opportunities to go beyond traditional Business Intelligence, into the world of predictive analytics and machine learning.

More Than Just Development

When approaching any new challenge, we apply a process that lets us build the most useful system in the fastest but most stable way possible. The roadmap generated by this process is extremely useful to companies and so we offer it as a service separate from development. The process begins by analyzing an operation and identifying key technological opportunities. Delving into increasing levels of detail, we then design the most appropriate architecture and lay out a path from the current state to the final goal, with iterative milestones that provide value quickly and allow for maximum flexibility. To ensure that a plan is fully fleshed out, we can build smaller-scale, prototype systems as proof of concept.